I know…I just know that there isn’t anything definite called ‘pure love’.

It’s just a collective noun for selfishness, greed, desire, sexual attraction and evolutionary need to produce offsprings…Or it’s just my ego talking.

But my dear, I swear I could throw away all my philosophy and my ego just to share little moments of happiness with you.

I don’t know the definition of love…But I knew what happiness felt like when you were by my side.

I would use my own philosophy to define happiness…just to boost my ego…because it feels nice…

Happiness is the feeling you get when you know your selfish desires are being fulfilled…

Yes I am selfish, yes I am greedy, yes I have all sorts of desires…Most importantly, Yes I am human! And so are you…

But Darling, here comes the moment of truth,

As hard as it is to solidify love, happiness or any other emotion, I was still willing to pretend that pure love is a real thing…

Please don’t make that face at me…You may judge me…it’s okay…I maybe a hypocrite…I may have dared to pretend to love you when actually I don’t even believe in such concept…I may have insulted what you call to be so sacred and pure…

I maybe fake…

But my dearest,

Aren’t we all?

What I did maybe wrong…but I tried…I tried to take a look at the heaven you tried to show me, while keeping my feet on the ground…

Maybe selfless, pure and sacred love is real, maybe heavens too…

How would I know anymore?


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